Rode launches gaming-focused microphones and gear

The traditional gamer gear – a headset with a microphone that sounds like it was dredged out of a 1970s basement – isn’t going to cut it when it comes to video content. That’s why Rode, a big name in podcasting, has launched Rode X, a new brand of streaming gear that features higher-end microphones and software to make you sound more like a sports announcer and less like an AM radio.

The gear includes the XDM-100, a dynamic USB mic and the XCM-50, a condenser mic in a more podcaster-friendly format. The Rode X software, called Unify, is a mixing solution that lets you bring in “up to four microphones and six virtual audio devices – including game, chat, music and browser – into one intuitive audio mixer.”

The XDM-100 costs $249 on sale but retails for $345. The XCM-50 is a mere $149. The dynamic mic comes with a shock cage to reduce noise while the XCM-50 sits on its own little stand. Both should be sufficient for the average game. I personally prefer the XDM-style microphone but your results and budget may vary.

John Biggs

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