In Review: Oral-B iO10 Electric Toothbrush

The Oral-B iO10 Electric Toothbrush is a confusing product. It brings a slew of new features, minor and large, which make it arguably the best toothbrush on the market right now but is priced at $399, making it arguably some of the worst value on the market right now. The package includes the toothbrush itself, two “Ultimate Clean Replacement Brush Heads”, two “Gentle Care Replacement Brush Heads”, and a light-up charging stand. 

The iO Sense smart charger is probably the largest feature separating the iO10 from its competitors, providing personalized live coaching in the form of lighting up one of six sections on the stand to indicate the side of your teeth to brush. On paper, this sounds great, but in practice, the tracking tech in the toothbrush is spotty at best, and pointless at worst, indicating the wrong section as currently being brushed, failing to tell you to switch sides in any reasonable timeframe, and flashing red at the slightest confusion

The actual toothbrush is great and feels like a professional-grade toothbrush. The rotating bristles feel like they massage and clean your teeth significantly more noticeably than others. The device also includes a smart pressure sensor that lights up if you are pushing too much or too little into your gums, potentially preventing damage.

The interactive color display offers real-time brushing updates and features seven smart settings: Daily Clean, Sensitive, Gum Care, Intense Clean, Super Sensitive, Tongue Clean, and Whitening. This array of settings allows users to tailor their brushing experience according to their preferences.

 The Oral-B iO10 is a really good toothbrush. That being said, for $399, you should expect that, and then some, and thats where it’s unclear where the iO10’s value lies. 

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