Retoflag’s GPi Case is a bit of handheld nostalgia

We have a lot of time around the house these days so I wanted to build something fun with my son. Enter Retroflag’s GPi Case, a device that runs a Raspberry Pi to bring you some handheld goodness inside a case that looks like a classic Game Boy.

The device runs a Raspberry Pi ZERO or ZERO W that fits into something that looks like an old-timey Game Boy cartridge. This lets you swap out CPUs and media without pulling out the tiny microSD card.

The entire thing is fairly easy to build – all you have to do is screw the Raspberry Pi into the cartridge. Once it’s plugged in the entire thing runs on three AA batteries and lasts for a few hours of fun. You can also buy a separate power cable.

Given that this is literally a mini Linux machine it’s quite powerful and you can even SSH into the device to upload ROMs and other tools. It plays NES, Super NES, Atari, MAME, and many other ROMs which means you can rock out to some Super Mario Brothers after you boot into Golden Axe.

You can get the case here and you should pick something like this Raspberry Pi ZERO W kit which includes a little case and power supply.

John Biggs

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