PSB SubSeries BP8: let’s get ready to rumble

These days, it’s super-simple for anyone to upgrade the sound coming out of their TV. With an inexpensive (or expensive, if you prefer) soundbar, you can drastically upgrade the sound over what comes from the stock speakers. If you’re really going for the full at-theater experience, though, you need something to get that big, bassy rumble. That’s where powered subwoofers, like the new PSB SubSeries BP8, come to play.

Many subs market themselves on the actual woofer inside, and it makes sense – that’s how you get the sounds you do. Here, the PSB SubSeries BP8 relies on two 8″ drivers that are placed so you can get optimal sound coming out of the cabinet, no matter where you are in relation to it’s placement. And that cabinet? They spent a good deal of time designing that box, ensuring that it’s solid, rigid, and not introducing any acoustical weirdness or rattles when the movie gets going.

In terms of the power output we’re talking about, the PSB SubSeries BP8 has a 500W digital amp built in, with some technical tricks baked in to ensure it’s responding quickly – and accurately – to what’s coming at it from the inputs. Speaking of, you’ve got some solid options for hooking this in (either from your receiver or a pre-amp), but it’s definitely a sub that you’re putting into an existing higher-end setup (and not hooking to your inexpensive sound bar).

The PSB SubSeries BP8 is available in either classic black or bright white, so it should fit into a variety of home setups. If you’re looking to add this to your home theater, you can get it for $1,499. For all the details, and to find a local distributor, head on over to

Tech Specs

Frequency Response

On Axis @ 0° ±3dB25Hz – 150Hz
LF Cutoff -10dB20Hz

Amplifier (Internal Amplifier)

Continuous Power500 Watts
DesignAnalog Devices DSP & Hypex Amp

Acoustic Design

Woofer (Nominal) 8” (203mm)
Carbon Fibre Cone
High Density Rubber Surround
2 1/2” (64mm) Voice-Coil 
45 oz (1275g) Magnet
Steel Basket
CrossoverVARIABLE 50Hz – 150Hz
LFE setting (350Hz)
Design TypeSealed

Size (W x H x D)

Net W13.0 IN/330 MM
Net H14.0 IN/355 MM
Net D 13.0 IN/330 MM
Gross W13.39 IN/340 MM
Gross H14.33 IN/364 MM
Gross D13.86 IN/352 MM

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