Porsche adds CarPlay, Bluetooth to vintage Porsches

Porsche is introducing its Classic Communication Management for vintage Porsches. What that means for you, if you own a classic 911 or 912, is that you can have Bluetooth, CarPlay, and handsfree calling, without having to hack apart your classic dashboard.

Here’s the press release details:

“The PCCM was developed in two variants and can exactly replace the original built-in units with 1-DIN or 2-DIN dimensions. Both infotainment systems offer a high-resolution touchscreen and modern functions such as DAB+ and Apple CarPlay as well onboard navigation. The new PCCM systems can be ordered via the Porsche Classic online shop or through the Porsche Centre.”

CarPlay for the classic Porsche

The PCCM is operated with two rotary knobs, six integrated buttons and a touch-sensitive 3.5-inch display. Basically, it fills the classic two-knob, six station-preset space in the dash, just as you’d expect. The 3.5″ touchscreen is a little small for modern radios, but here we are.

For non-North Americans, the PCCM can tune digital radio stations with DAB+. iPhone users can use their iPhone apps for media playback, navigation and telephony while driving. Media playback is also possible from an SD card, USB, AUX or Bluetooth.

The PCCM features the Porsche logo (because, of course it does) and is compatible with the first 911 models of the 1960s and the last 911 with and air-cooled flat-six from the start of the 1990s (993 models).

For you 914, 924, 944, 928 and 968 owners, you aren’t left out, either. Use in earlier front- and mid-engine models is also possible.

What about Boxters? What about Android Auto?

There’s a 2-DIN PCCM Plus model for the newer Porsches, which gives you both CarPlay and Android Auto.

For this, you get a 7 inch touchscreen, and it uses the already-built-in amplifiers, so there’s no need to worry about wiring adapters, and the navigation in the gauge package (cluster, where the speedometer lives) will still work.

“The new Porsche Classic Communication Management system is available including map material for 1,439.89 euros (PCCM) or 1,606.51 euros (PCCM Plus) including VAT in the Porsche centres or via the Porsche Classic online shop. Installation in a Porsche centre is recommended.” source: porsche.com

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