Now Kickstarting: Moonrakers

Make no mistake – while we here at KN dig tech and gadgets, there’s something about the tactile pleasure (and table talk) of a good ol’ tabletop game. Of course, with the technology known as crowdfunding, we can find out there are a lot more options out there. One of the latest to ping my radar screen is Moonrakers.

When it comes to games, we all have our favorite genres, much like with books. Sure, there are the various gameplay mechanics that some folk get super into (worker placement, auction, deck builder, take that, etc, etc) but I tend to not pay as close of attention to that. What I look at is the overall theme, and what it is you’re trying to do within the scope of that theme.

Build out your ship!

With Moonrakers, we’re set in a near future fantasy (well, there’s spaceflight, but still) that sees you – and your fellow players – jockeying for control of the Moonrakers organization, which is set in opposition to the United Federation of Space. So, let’s see – we’ve got a Federation (Star Trek), and we’re outlaws on the run from the authorities (Firefly)? The space opera sci-fi geek in me is already giddy with joy.


Add in the fact that you’ve got semi-cooperative play with Moonrakers – some things you’ll have no choice but to work with your fellow captains to complete – and you’ve got a lot of interesting elements going on here. The one wrinkle in the space-time continuum is the game play time. At the estimated 60-120 minutes, that makes it a tough one to try and get through on a lunch break. But that must just be me.

Piles and piles of gold-pressed latinum. I mean, coins.

Plenty of folks have jumped in on the campaign (with 20 days to go, it’s already at 5x of it’s funding goal). For $55 you’ll get the base copy of the game (with the cool metal coins), or for another $10 you can get the KS edition, that has a special box and then the expansion as well. Which, for my money, why not get the expansion as well for another ten bucks? We don’t have any direct gameplay impressions, but the campaign page has plenty of videos up there for you to peruse as well. Campaign Page or

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