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Even though we’re in the midst of quite a cold snap (hey, subzero temps, where ya been?) and in the middle of a pandemic where going places seems a distant memory, projects like the Livsn EcoTrek pants always grab my attention.

To give credit where credit is do, this is due to the amazing experiences I’ve had with similar-ish pants that I’ve gotten from both Coalatree and Western Rise. Though, all told, I’d say the Livsn EcoTrek pants hew a little closer to the look that the Western Rise offers. In that, you’ve got outdoor adventure-ready pants that look like they’d be just as happy sitting in an office, or helping you wander through an airport.

Rather than a 5-pocket jean style, the Livsn EcoTrek pants brings what I consider to be a khakis look to things, with slash pockets up front (though you do have jeans-style pockets around back – with zippers!) Then, to get things more ready for the outdoors, you’ve got specific pockets for putting things like your phone and your pocket knife. It’s always good to know where things are, and to be able to put the valuable stuff (like your phone) into a pocket where it’s not likely to fall out.

If you’re going to be active outdoors, the fabric involved in the pants is going to play a large factor into how well they’ll perform. The Livsn EcoTrek pants starts with material made from plastic recycled from ocean buoys. The material is 70% that, 25% nylon, and then 5% spandex (for that oh-so-glorious stretch, letting you move). That does mean you’ll want to be careful by a campfire, as synthetics do love to melt when they meet an ember.

With that material, the Livsn EcoTrek pants also incorporate a DWR coating, which means they’re water resistant – handy for when you get caught in the rain, or you manage to spill your coffee. It should just bead up and run off, and in my experience, this helps the pants keep looking clean, even as you go about your day (or weekend). Should they get soaked, though, they will be quicker drying than most pants you’ve got around.

Add in a gusseted crotch and articulated knees, you know you’ve got some adventure-ready pants, right? Well, if those include cycling (or you just want some breeze on your ankles) it’s got built-in straps to help you roll up the cuffs, keeping them free of chain grease. Also worth noting? While the pants have belt loops, there is also an interior drawstring, so you could easily go belt-free without them falling down (saying, going through airport security).

There’s a lot to like in the design of the Livsn EcoTrek pants, and the fact that they’re building up an infrastructure for at-cost repairs – and a lifetime warranty – just further extends the capability of the pants. Sure, the earlybird pricing of $115 may not seem like a deal, but from what I’ve seen here (and my experience with other brands) it’s perfectly reasonable, and the only bummer is that they wouldn’t arrive until September, after the bulk of my camping is done. And I still can’t decide if I want to go for the grey or the caramel pants. Decisions, decisions.

If you’ve made your mind up – and want to get your pledge in before I do – head on over to the campaign page. They’re already way over-funded, and things don’t close out until March 5, with delivery anticipated for September of this year. campaign page

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