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For board games, Kickstarter has been a boon, bringing all sorts of new concepts to the fore. Often, those are complete, self-contained releases, entities unto themselves. With the one from Little Plastic Train Co, we’ve actually got a focus on upgrading your existing board games.

To look at the tokens from Little Plastic Train Co, the obvious game that comes to mind is Ticket to Ride. Or perhaps that just me, as it’s a game we recently introduced to our kids. However, as it turns out, there are actually a number of games that rely on trains in what they’re doing. That said, with the colors and varieties that show up in the Kickstarter, I think Ticket to Ride is the obvious initial inspiration.

Is this to say the included tokens in your game are bad? No, not at all – but they are produced to a budget, and some of the games are expensive to begin with, and higher-quality tokens would certainly make that even higher. However, if you’ve got a train-based game that you play a LOT (as games like Carcassonne were once upon a time in our house), then these upgraded pieces would be a pleasure to play with.

That’s where I think these sit, though – for true fans of the train games, playing them a lot and building up all of the expansions. Why? Well, a single set/color of these new tokens from Little Plastic Train Co run you $19, but if you want all five (full complement for TTR) then you’re talking $69, which is high, but it seems fitting for the quality and colors you’re getting out of the tokens. Just be sure to make your mind up before the campaign closes out on April 29th.

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