Need to protect your iPad? Gear4 has some options for you

If you recall, we talked to you about Gear4 when we talked about iPhone cases (here and here). Well, they’ve got all sorts of protection for a number of devices, but we’ll still with the Apple ones at the moment. Why is that? Well, two of their newer cases – which were announced at CES2020 – are now being carried at your local Verizon shop (as well as available online) so you can see them in person.

The first of these is the Gear4 Battersea for the 10.2″ iPad. This looks very similar to the case I bought for my father-in-law when we got him an iPad a few years back, and I’d get him this one for the very same reasons. First off, the case is a beast for protection. The back and sides are fully enclosed, and you’ve got a more robust hinge system for folding the front cover out of the way (which becomes a very adjustable kickstand). How robust? They claim a 8′ drop protection rating – and it has a built in screen protector.

I know many folks don’t care for those – or prefer tempered glass applied (as I do) – but this is great for folks who are, say, less delicate with electronics. So, really, not a bad case for if you’re handing a device to your kids. The Gear4 Battersea is available (again, directly from Zagg or at your local Verizon shop) for $89.99.

What if you want something a bit less visually obtrusive on your iPad, but still offering some great protection? That’s what the Gear4 Brompton is offering, in either 10.2″ (here) or 11″ (here) guise. This case is a bit slimmer, and relies on a folding cover that looks very similar to the sort of magnetic covers Apple sells (complete with trifold design). And, in fact, you can magnetically remove this cover from the case if you wanted to, which is something I’ve not seen in a full-tablet case before.

Also helping the visual bulk of the Gear4 Brompton is the fact that it’s primarily clear. This can make it look like you don’t have as much of a case there. Or, if you’re feeling clever, you could put stickers between the case and the iPad to sort of make it your own without dealing with sticker residue on your device. With the slimmer case and detachable cover, you are giving up a little bit of drop protection, but it’s still a healthy 6.5′ so you should be covered in most cases – especially since we carry our tablets much differently than we do our phones.

Regardless of which size Gear4 Brompton you select, or which color (it comes in black or rose gold) you’ll pay $59.99 to wrap one around your iPad. And, again, these are available directly from Zagg or at your local Verizon store. More case options are a good thing, as you can find one that fits how you use your device, but sometimes all that choice can be overwhelming, particularly with not being able to handle things. That’s where this Verizon partnership could shine, for those who want to actually see what they’re buying before hand. You can check out all the photos below and follow the product links (Battersea, Brompton 10.2″, Brompton 11″) to get all the details.

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