Naked Protein Mocha Latte: start your day right

For many of us, we start our day with a dose of caffeine, be it in the form of tea or coffee. If you’re doing some heavy fitness routines, you might also be putting a protein drink into the mix as well. Well, what if you could combine both of those in a single drink? Turns out, you can, with the Naked Protein Mocha Latte.

  • Naked Protein Mocha Latte
  • Naked Protein Mocha Latte
  • Naked Protein Mocha Latte

What it is

Well, it’s just like the other Naked Nutrition protein powders that we reviewed (here and here). It’s relying on whey protein that comes from grass-fed cows, with no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. And really – if you’re concerned about your health and fitness, eliminating as much of the fake stuff as you can is a good idea.

What we have added in here is an amount of caffeine that would match a single cup of coffee. This is derived from actual Columbian coffee, so again – no fake stuff. To get the mocha aspect, they’ve got actual cocoa in there. In fact, when you look at the ingredients list (second image up above), you’ll see that it’s all stuff you’ll recognize.

  • Naked Protein Mocha Latte

Naked Protein Mocha Latte: how it tastes

As you can see from that photo up above, I used my Naked Nutrition shaker bottle to get things good and blended. If you thumb through those photos, you’ll see that it actually started dissolving pretty quickly. Still, a shaker will help ensure things are well-mixed. Once that was all set, it was time to put it to the taste test.

Simply put – the Naked Protein Mocha Latte is one of the best-tasting iced coffees that I’ve had. In fact, if you really wanted to enhance that, you could put some ice cubes in there as well. The flavor is a good dose of chocolate and coffee, without being overly sweet. In fact, if you mix this to the directions, it has a LOT less sugar than your typical iced coffee drink.

Add in the fact that you’re getting some good protein in the mix as well, why would you even mess with the other ones? In short, I am a fan. If you don’t like this flavor, they do offer it in Vanilla Latte as well (aside from their other flavors). It’s a great option for warmer weather. If you go for a one-time purchase, it will run you $29.99, or you could setup monthly shipments to knock it down to $23.99. If you want to get yours going, just head on over to

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