mophie powerstation pro AC: In Review

That’s right, friends – we’re looking at yet another battery pack. These days, you have all sorts of options, depending on the capacity you need, or what mix of USB (-A or -C) ports you’re looking for. If you want to plug something in that uses a wall plug? That’s a different story, and where the mophie powerstation pro AC.

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mophie powerstation pro AC:

mophie powerstation pro AC: Specs

First, let’s deal with the specs that we’re familiar with. You’ve got two USB-C ports (one of which is a PD port for charging it), as well as a USB-A port. In terms of capacity, we’re looking at a reasonable 27,000 mAh. So, then why does this thing look like the size of a tall paperback? That’s due to that AC port, of course.

mophie powerstation pro AC:

The USB ports are delivering DC power, which is fairly simple, and how the internal battery is storing it’s power as well. That’s why most battery packs are fairly compact. If you instead need alternating current (AC) for your wall plug-powered device, then you have to have a DC-to-AC inverter. That is what is taking up the extra space inside the casing (at least, that’s our belief, as we didn’t pry it open), and also contributes to this battery pack coming in at 2.6 lbs.

mophie powerstation pro AC:

Once you get past the uniqueness of that AC port – handy for powering things like, say, a fan or some string lights away from an outlet, not to mention most modern laptop power bricks – the mophie powerstation pro AC acts just like any other power pack. As we’re accustomed to with the modern mophie offerings, you’ve got four white LEDs that indicate the power level, and charging is done via the USB-C PD port.

mophie powerstation pro AC:


What you need to decide is what your need is for the AC port. It maxes out at 100W, which covers most small electronics, but it’s not going to handle your smaller kitchen appliances, for instance (my coffee grinder needs 160W, for example. For the right usage, or even just as an emergency backup, it could definitely fill a need most other battery packs are not touching on. If the AC port is just a curiosity, though, we’d suggest you look at some of the other options in the mophie lineup, as they’ll be lighter, more compact, and a bit more affordable. That caveat aside – need to add this to your kit bag? You can do just that for $199.95 directly at

mophie powerstation pro AC:

Tech Specs from mophie

  • Charge Four Devices at Once: The powerstation pro has two USB-C ports, a USB-A port, and an AC port, so you can charge up to four devices at once.
  • 100W AC Output: Charge your most demanding devices, like laptops and tablets, as well as other household electronics that have an AC plugs.
  • Get up to 5 Full Phone Charges: No more low-battery blues when you’re on the move. The powerstation pro AC can provide an iPhone with up to five full charges.
  • Up to 60W USB-C PD Fast Charge: With USB-C PD output, the powerstation pro AC can provide up to 60W of fast charging power. Get 50% battery on an iPhone 13 in just 30 minutes.
  • Contains a 27,000mAh Internal Battery: Reliable battery cells hold their charge for when you need it most. The powerstation pro AC has the capacity to help you meet all the power demands of your day.
  • Versatile USB-C PD Input/Output: The USB-C PD port can be used to re-charge the powerstation pro AC as well as provide power to another device.
  • LED Power Indicator: The integrated four-light LED power indicator displays charging status and the current battery life.

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