Introducing: ZAGG Pro Mouse

These days, mice have to do something special to get our attention. You’ve perhaps got your favorite maker (used to be Logitech for me, but these days it’s SteelSeries), or like stuff that lights up. For a truly wireless mouse, you’re either dealing with a cable or replacing batteries. What if you could use a handy Qi charging pad? That’s what the ZAGG Pro Mouse is offering up.

On it’s surface, the ZAGG Pro Mouse looks to be a good work-oriented mouse. A bit more compact, a bluetooth connection that will hook up to three different devices, and the ability to track on glass surfaces (for that trendy meeting room). The big differentiator is the ability to charge on a Qi pad (which the mouse comes with). Great for in the office, and if you’re traveling, you can also charge via USB-C. Here’s everything that the mouse has on offer:

Universal Wireless Charging – The Pro Mouse comes with a wireless charger with USB-C port. When you step away from your desk, simply place the Pro Mouse on the wireless charger so you’re always charged and ready to go.

Tracks on Glass – Pro Mouse tracks on multiple surfaces including glass.

Multi-pairing Functionality – Pro Mouse connects with three devices simultaneously.

Universal Device Pairing – Pro Mouse works with Bluetooth capable computers and tablets.

Long-lasting Battery – The li-polymer battery allows for three months of use before re-charging1.

Adjustable DPI for Faster/Slower Scrolling – Pro Mouse has a default 1,000 DPI, but you can adjust it (800-1,600 DPI) for faster or slower movement across the screen.

Full-size Scroll Wheel – The full-size scroll wheel has left and right buttons for total control and onscreen accuracy.

USB-C Port – Pro Mouse has a USB-C port so you can charge with a USB-C cable, if desired.

LED Indicator – The LED light alerts you when the Pro Mouse is charged and ready.

In terms of what the mouse works with, well, it seems just about everything. Windows machines, Macs, Apple devices, Android devices, even Chromebooks. If it can handle Bluetooth low-energy, it can probably connect. All told, it’s giving you a good bit for the $79.99 pricetag, especially if you’re trying to get a more laptop feel out of your tablet. Check it out over at

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