Introducing: Western Rise Shift hat

Just in case that opening image was not making it clear – we are not talking about keycaps (aka keyboard caps) here. No, these are the sorts of caps that you put on your head to keep the sun out of your eyes, tame some unruly hair, or just keep from getting sunburn on your dome. Ready for summer, the Western Rise Shift cap is ready to handle all three of those scenarios.

Ever since I’ve become a bit more follicly challenged, hats have become a big part of summertime for me (as I also tend to burn easily). For summertime, the good old “trucker” hat with it’s mesh back is a common choice, as all of that venting lets the heat out while still giving you some shade. Rather than that mesh, Western Rise has made 4 panels (of the 6-panel hat) with their triangle logo laser cut from it, making all of the venting.

So, we’re set for letting the air out. To adjust it to your head, you’ve got that classic snapback closure, with fit helped by the pre-curved bill. We’re told that the panels have a deeper fit than most snapbacks, so those of us with large heads should still be able to have the hat fit (I purchased one, so we’ll be able to tell you soon enough).

The inside of the Western Rise Shift cap should prove to be moisture-wicking from the material that they’ve used, and on the outside, it’s both water and stain resistant. That will be helpful if you get caught in the rain (or splashed in the lake), and should help the hat to stay looking just as crisp as the day you bought it. It’s available in three different colrs (navy, black, or grey) for $59 direct from

UPDATE: Western Rise is running a summer sale right now (through May 31) site wide, where the code SUMMER will net you 25% off.

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