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What’s this, a run on EDC posts? Sure, why not? There’s plenty of things that you carry with you every day, and one of the most useful – in my opinion – is the trusty ol’ pocketknife. I tend to switch around between a few options depending on the dress code of the day, but if you want one that can do it all, this new Finch Runtly may just do the ticket.

Now, you could argue that knives are a dime a dozen (well, not literally) so why should we give this brand any attention? Well, for starters, one of the guys at the helm is the same one (Steve Laughlin) that has been turning out awesome watch designs, first at Benarus Watch and now at Raven Watches. So, yeah, sight unseen, I’m going to give the Finch Runtly the benefit of the doubt.

Now, if you’re the sort to get into the various steels and whatnot, those details are listed down below. I myself have not yet gotten to that point in my pocket knife journey. There are some keys here for me. First off, blade length is a very reasonable 2.25″ which gets you under the radar for most knife laws. When folded up, the length is 3.25″ which means it’ll fit quite nicely into a pocket.

The fact that the Finch Runtly has a liner lock is another thing I like, as you don’t have to worry about the knife folding in on your fingers. In terms of the blade, this is a different look than you might be used to. This particular design is sort of a tanto-style blade, but it calls to mind something more akin to a box cutter shape. Which, frankly, is what most of us are going to use a knife day-to-day – simple cuts and opens. Then again, knowing Steve and his love of the outdoors, I’m guessing this is a perfectly capable outdoors knife as well.

Finally, one thing that I really dig about the Finch Runtly is something totally cosmetic – the logo embedded into the handle is lumed. Does this make the knife cut better? Nope! Does it help you to find it in the dark? Perhaps! (I rely on a tritium fob on mine to help there). Is it totally sweet! Yessir!

The Finch Runtly is the first design from the brand, coming in at a reasonable – for small make, higher-quality knives – $139, with at least two more designs in the works. As I mentioned, we’ve not seen these in person yet, but we’ll see if we can’t arrange a loaner. finchknifeco.com

Specs from Finch Knife

  • Overall Length -?5.5″?
  • Blade Length – 2.25″
  • Handle Length – 3.25″
  • Blade Height – 1.00″
  • Handle Height – .75″?
  • Knife Weight – 3.15 oz
  • Blade Steel – N690
  • Blade Finish – Stonewash & Satin
  • Handle – G10
  • Pocket Clip – Titanium – Stonewash – Tip Up
  • Lock Type – Liner Lock

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