Indoor Grillin’ could be a thing with the Enki Hob Kickstarter

There’s two weeks left in the Enki Hob crowdfunding campaign. The tabletop grill is smokeless, making it possible to grill indoors. If it’s a little too cold outside to be cooking, take it inside.

By burning wood pellets, Enki claims to be completely smokeless and safe to use indoors. We’d like to get a sample and test that for you, but the rest of the thing is simple enough.

The wood pellets burn in a recess in the base. The temperature is adjustable up to 200 degrees. A solid grill sits on top, heated from below. The whole operation is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a cinch.

One of the other attractive points about Enki Hob are the environmental claims. The first one is that the smokeless nature isn’t adding greenhouse gases to the environment. The second claim is that the spent wood pellets are good for the soil, helping new growth.

If Enki Hob seems like the right thing for you, you can back it for about $165 USD over at

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