In Review: Blazy Susan Rolling Papers

When it comes to smoking paraphernalia there are two aesthetics. The first is He-Man Zippo Soldier gear that looks like part of the Terminator’s spleen and the other is hippie-infused, patchouli stuff that looks like it’s part of Jerry Garcia’s spleen. Neither is very attractive to the modern smoker.

Thankfully, those who want a little pink with their green can pick up Blazy Susan gear. This gear, designed with the pink-loving smoker in mind, hearkens back to a Mother-Little-Helper 1950s vibe without the descent into narcotic madness. Instead, Blazy Susan offers rolling papers and organizers that make it easy to smoke without looking like a dirty weirdo.

The cutest are the company’s pre-rolled cones which cost $22 for a 50-pack. To use them you simply grind your material, put it into the cone, and twist the tip. All that fuss and bother associated with traditional rolling papers is gone, resulting in a nice, calm experience without the agitation.

The company also makes a cute rolling tray for all your stuff including papers and dabs and grinder holders. This kit costs $89.

The whole aesthetic is very retro yet is still feature-rich enough for the modern toker.

Quite unfortunately I rarely have the opportunity to smoke this way so if you’d like two packages of short papers I’m happy to send them your way. Simply comment below. I did try the 98mm cones and found the experience quite pleasant, especially since the last time I rolled anything like this was in Amsterdam and I made an absolute hash of it.

You can check out the site here. The company is based in Denver, the mile-high city, as it were, and was founded by Will Breakell. Bottom line? It’s a cute idea and a solid, usable product.

John Biggs

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