Oru Camp furniture: Funding now

Oru Camp furniture: Fold in a good, way, that is. If you’ve got those dodgy lawn chairs from the 70s that you’re never quite sure if you can trust them, well, it’s time to replace them. A new, very compact collection just launched from Oru (yup, the kayak folks), known as Oru Camp.

As a family, we really enjoy camping. While we always bring our camp chairs, having other pieces, well, we just sort of let that go, and rely on picnic tables. With the Oru Camp collection, though, you’re set up with a variety of options. These would work equally well for outdoor concerts in the park as well. Here’s what all they’ve got on offer:

Oru Camp furniture: Pricing and Specs

  • SwitchTable  (MSRP $200)Weighing 11.5lbs, the AdapTable conveniently folds from a flat box into a full-sized 22.5” x 41.25 x 29.5 table in under 30 seconds. Two flaps forming the table top can be opened to reveal storage for camp items or for use as an ice chest for the ultimate prep station. For added convenience, the SwitchTable can be easily shortened with a few quick folds to become a coffee table or as a bench for two people to sit on simultaneously.  
  • PopLounge (MSRP: $150): The PopLounge is an ultra-portable, 7.25lbs Adirondack-style origami chair that folds into a nearly flat box (22.25” x 18.5 x 3.5”) for easy storage when not in use. Set up only takes 15 seconds to transform the PopLounge from box back into chair and can support up to 275lbs. As with all products within Oru Camp, SwitchTable features built-in storage, located underneath the chair’s seat.
  • FlipCube (MSRP: $75): The FlipCube (16.25” x 16.25 x 14.25 ) looks like a simple origami box but can be quickly transformed into a storage container, step stool, or stool for sitting with a few convenient folds. Weighing only 4.75lbs and folding into a box ultra-portable box (16.25” x 16.25 x 3.5)

As you can guess from that headline, these are actually up on Kickstarter right now. Which means you can get some nice discounts off of MSRP for Oru Camp furniture. The SwitchTable starts at $159, the PopLounge is $129, and the FlipCube is $69. The campaign is fully funded and closes out on June 14, 2023; delivery is anticipated for September 2023. kickstarter.com / orukayak.com

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