Fight back against price gougers with this DIY Nintendo Switch

It’s not every day you see instructions to build Nintendo’s flagship console but these are weird times and this clever Howto shows us all the parts needed to build your own working Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switches are currently selling for $600 or more on eBay and other garbage gouging sites so why not make one for yourself for $199?

Obviously this isn’t for the faint of heart and, as the creator notes, “the key to a project like this is extreme patience.”

“This took about a month and then some to bid on parts, find inexpensive sellers, and wait for ground shipping from China. In the end it was still worth it to me,” he wrote.

Here’s the entire “Bill of Materials” or BOM associated with the device. In an era of infinitely available hardware, this is pretty crazy:

  1. Game Cartridge Card Slot Socket Board w/Headphones Port – $15
  2. NS Console Micro SD TF Memory Card Slot Port Socket Reader – $5
  3. Nintendo Switch HAC-001 CPU Cooling Heatsink – $7
  4. Game Cartridge Card Plastic Cover – $1
  5. Console Speaker Replacement Parts For Nintendo Switch Built in speaker – $8
  6. Wifi Antenna Connecting Cable (Short) $2
  7. Wifi Antenna Connecting Cable (Long) $2
  8. Internal Cooling Fan – $3
  9. Power & Volume Button control flex cable (w/ buttons and rubber conductor) – $4
  10. Side Slider Sliding Rail Flex Cable (Left) – $3
  11. Side Slider Sliding Rail Flex Cable (Right) – $3
  12. Replacement Top Housing Shell Case Face plate -$6
  13. Nintendo Switch Console Replacement Battery (New) – $15
  14. Replacement Bottom Housing Shell Transparent Case Face plate -$5
  15. Touch Screen Digitizer Adhesive – $0.50
  16. Touch Screen Digitizer – $9
  17. LCD Display Screen Replacement – $12
  18. Shield Plate – $2
  19. Iron Middle Frame – $6
  21. (Not Pictured Here) – Full Screw Replacement Set – $2
  22. (Not Pictured Here) – (Removal of Copper Sicker on CPU)

Grand Total For Used Parts Build: = $199
Ebay Average Price Jan 2020: = (between $175 and $225)
Ebay Average Price April 2020: = (between $300 and $400)

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