Evercade pre-orders are now open!

Hey, so remember that very cool-looking (and officially licensed game-playing) retro portable we talked about, the Evercade? If not, you can head here to refresh your memory. Ok, now that we’re all up to speed, let’s talk some news – the Evercade is now available for pre-order.

All along, we’ve been focused on the white version of this gaming machine, and that is something that is still being produced. But now there’s a limited-edition black version coming out, with (I believe) only 3,000 units being produced. So, how do you get your pre-order in? If you want one of the limited-edition ones, you’ll need to go to Funstock, a UK-based retailer (they’re also selling bundles with the white console as well). If all you’re looking for is the basic (non-LE) console, head over to Evercade for the list of retailers. Right now, it just shows Funstock, but there are more links coming (us Yanks will probably be interested to see the Amazon link go live).

Pricing for either console looks to be $74 for the starter pack (console plus a cartridge with 11 games), goes to $99 for three cartridges along with the console, and top out at $150 for the console and 11 cartridges, plus a case. All in all, not too bad a price range for this retro look. Oh, of note, while pre-orders are open now, shipping isn’t expected to happen until March 2020. Evercade.co.uk

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