Enso Hybrid Ring: In Review

Last month, we brought you word of a brand new ring style available, known as the Enso Hybrid Ring (you can read about that here). It seemed like an interesting solution, and as someone who likes to wear a second ring, it seemed like a good fit for us to take on as a review. So, for the last bit, I’ve been spending time with it; read on for our thoughts.

The aesthetics

When you’re picking out an Enso Hybrid Ring, aside from your ring size, you need to figure out if you want it in a black finish, or a silver tone. Obviously, for this review, we went with the silver titanium, which has a lovely brushed finish to it. On the whole, the ring is not a flashy ring, it’s just there as an accent to your daily wear, and/or to cleanly carry some significance for you. Which makes sense – people considering a silicone ring are doing so for practical reasons, so that that carries forward onto this higher-end take on the ring, well, it should not be a surprise.

How’s the comfort?

For me, the Enso Hybrid Ring has been one of the most comfortable rings I’ve worn. The titanium shell and silicone line makes for a very light package, as well as relatively thin one, so you don’t have a lot of bulk on your finger. Another benefit of that silicone liner is that the ring does not slide around on your finger, even if your hands are wet or cold.

Is it fidget-friendly?

This was another welcome surprise with the Enso Hybrid Ring. I’m like most folks in that I’ll fidget with a ring that’s on my hand. What I quickly discovered was that the titanium outer ring can easily rotate around the silicone lining ring. With that, the silicone stays in place on your finger, while the outer shell can slip around. Perhaps not an intended feature, but it’s one that’s there nonetheless.

Who’s it for?

That’s the question, isn’t it? If you’re wanting something that can look like a dressier ring, and then easily drop down to simple, no-nonsense silicone when you’re getting more active, then the Enso Hybrid Ring definitely fits the bill. On the other hand, if you’ve only been wearing silicone rings, this is a great way to step up to something that will look a bit nicer when it’s time to put on your fancier clothes for a night out. We found it to be an interesting option, and came away quite pleasantly surprised with how much we liked the design. You can get your own (in one of two different finishes) for $269.99 directly from ensorings.com


  • Multi-Purpose Wear: The innovative design fuses style and function by offering the ability to switch “modes” by removing the outer metal ring to experience the comfort and ease of a traditional silicone ring.
  • Brushed Metal Finish: Choose from Titanium Metal + Platinum Silicone or Black Zirconium Metal + Black Pearl Silicone, both of which showcase a sleek and contemporary brushed metal finish.
  • Premium Silicone Inner Ring: Crafted from top-quality materials, the silicone inner ring ensures comfort and durability.
  • Lifetime Warranty. The ring comes with a lifetime warranty and a perfect-fit guarantee, so you can easily exchange the ring until you find your perfect fit.
  • Breathing Chambers: The ring features breathing chambers for added comfort, ensuring it feels as good as it looks.
  • Bonus Silicone Inner Ring: Each Hybrid Ring purchase includes an additional silicone inner ring.
  • Travel Case: Keep your metal outer ring safe with the included travel case, which also offers space for an AirTag or a similar tracking device, providing peace of mind.

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