Donner’s Black Friday drum deals for the musician in your life

Donner has just announced its latest installment of Black Friday Early Deals, as a part of its campaign to bring music and love back to a chaotic, loud world.

In this installment, a series of Donner’s electric drums are on sale, ranging from entry-level drumkits perfect for stocking stuffers to professional quality drums at great prices. But be careful, since these deals only last until the 20th of November.

Entry Level

For aspiring young drummers, look no further than the 7 Pad Donner Electronic Drum Set (DED-20). Coming with 2.2W Stereo Dual Speakers, the DED-20 can produce powerful, impactful sound at any time. However, if you want to avoid the ratchet altogether, the pad also includes a 3.5mm headphone jack and high-quality soft silicone on its drum pads, making it a quiet alternative to real drums. The DED-20 is on sale for just $54.99, a 21% discount from its sticker price. 

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Amateur Level

If you’re more on the experienced side, you may want to consider the Donner DED-100. At over 20% off, or $215.99, the DED-100 packs just about everything an amateur musician may need to start creating music. Feeling extremely similar to a real drumset thanks to its mesh drumheads, the DED-100 comes preloaded with 200 timbres, 20 demo songs, and 20 preset tones, as well as the ability to connect to your devices to add mp3 files to play. 

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Professional Level

If these options still don’t satisfy your professional needs, you should consider the DED-400. Featuring unrivaled sound and expressiveness, it contains 400 sounds and 25 kits, covering every music style a music creator could need. For 2 days only, the DED-400 will be over $60 cheaper, at $606.99  

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Other Deals:

DED-80 (20% off)

DED-200 (20% off)

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