Dell releases a 4K webcam so you’ll look awful (or great) on Zoom

Dell wants us all to moustourize. Their latest camera, the $199.99 4K UltraSharp, is a USB-C webcam that features a Sony STARVIS CMOS 8.3-megapixel sensor that can stream 4K at 30 fps. If features 65-, 78-, and 90-degree fields of view – basically you can crop down to portrait mode – and it supports 5X digital zoom and autofocus.

It’s obviously a bit pricey for a webcam but its closest competitor, the Logitech Brio, comes in at the same price and is missing a number of these features.

One concern? The UltraSharp doesn’t have a built-in mic so you’ll have to spring for something to pick up your voice.

While most of us are at a breaking point when it comes to Zoom video calls, trust me: 4K looks better than the junk you’re probably working with right now. Even laptop webcams pale in comparison and if your job is online right now there’s nothing like impressing your co-workers by looking like you’re shooting a brand new Mission Impossible movie in your home office instead of grainy webcam footage. The extra resolution is worth it.

You can pick it up now for $199 at

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