Deal alert on the new Dangbei Mars Laser Projector

Earlier this year, we brought you word of the Emotn N1, a compact projector with a lot of great things built in, including Netflix right out of the box. Well, the company behind that projector, Dangbei, just recently released a new Netflix-equipped projector that uses lasers to create the image. Meet the Dangbei Mars Laser Projector.

The Dangbei Mars is actually a slightly downgraded version of their prior Dangbei Mars Pro. While it may not have all the same specs, you’re still getting a lot for your coin (and it even drops the cost a bit as well). Here’s what it offers:

  • Watch Netflix in Full HD Brilliance: Enjoy a consistently exceptional brightness of 2100 ISO lumens, made possible by our advanced light source that lasts for 30,000 hours. Thanks to its 1080p Full HD quality, every moment spent enjoying your favorite content is a feast for the eyes.
  • Instant Access to Netflix and More: No more navigating complex interfaces. Stream your favorite shows and movies effortlessly with our officially-licensed and pre-installed Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and more. Powered by the flexible and stable Linux OS, you’ll have the freedom to explore a universe of entertainment at your fingertips. It’s all about convenience, speed, and instant joy.
  • Perfect Display, Perfect Size: Experience a larger-than-life projection size of up to 180 inches. Immerse yourself in the vividness of HDR10 and HLG support, ensuring vibrant and true-to-life colors as intended by the filmmakers. With AI Brightness Adjustment, your viewing experience adapts flawlessly to any lighting environment. Time to bring the theater home!
  • Setup in a Flash: Prepare to enjoy your content in no time with the projector’s fast boot feature. Equipped with ToF and CMOS sensors, the projector offers 4-in-1 smart adjustments, including Auto Focus, 6-way Auto Keystone Correction, Intelligent Screen Fit, and Obstacle Avoidance, making setup a breeze. Connect all your devices effortlessly, either wired or wireless, and you’re left with hassle-free enjoyment.
  • Theater-Grade Audio: Immerse yourself in astonishing surround sound with the dual 10W speakers equipped with Dolby Audio. Experience cinema-like richness that surrounds you and enhances your viewing pleasure. With a noise level of less than 24dB, your viewing environment remains undisturbed so you can enjoy your home theater to the fullest.

As this was just released, there’s a $100 discount going on on Amazon that equates to a 10% discount on the $999.99 MSRP for the projector. We’ve not seen it yet in person, but we’ll work to get one in for a review.

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