Cover Reveal: The Weeping Sigil

We actually participated in a prior cover reveal (for this same author, Jordan Loyal Short) a few weeks back, but that was confined to Instagram. This time, I thought it was worthwhile to bring it up here. So, what’s The Weeping Sigil all about?

Jordan Loyal Short

Well, I’m glad you asked! Here’s the quick synopsis of the book:

Adrift in the void, Henrik?s rescue is only a prelude to slavery.

But his new life on Tyria is not at all what he expected. When the illustrious House of Quoll purchases him, Henrik finds himself living in the home of his old enemy, Prefect Brasca Quoll. Desperate to hide the truth of his last days on Heimir, Henrik dives into the murderous game of Tyrianite politics. Devastated by the catastrophe on the Norn homeworld, the Federation teeters on the brink of civil war.

While the Shining Ones maneuver their champions for the final confrontation, Henrik?s fevered visions unveil the scope of Moriigo?s nightmarish rebellion.

Aboard a stolen voidcraft, Brohr and Lyssa hurtle into the depths of the starry abyss, on a desperate exodus in search of safe haven. But the outer reaches of the system are full of strange worlds, haunted ruins, and bizarre cults.

As anarchy grips the streets of Tyria, Henrik vows to reveal the true peril facing the federation: Moriigo?s return! While rival electors, assassins, and federal inquisitors plot the downfall of House Quoll, Henrik must bind himself to the future of his onetime enemies, lest the horrors of his prophetic visions come to pass!

This dose of politics slipping into a fantasy novel is interesting, and it’s a style that I’ve been getting into more and more as of late (ie: the Powdermage series, The Traitor Baru Cormorant, and the Kingshold books) – it’s a nice mix. Of course, I’m not immune to a good cover to bolster the book blurb, and this is the second Jordan Loyal Short book that I’ve had a cover draw me in (the first, The Skald’s Black Verse, I’ll have a full review on next month). The cover for The Weeping Sigil is another interesting one, and will be hitting shelves this fall.

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