Checklist is the Messages app you have to have

For years, I’ve been making shared notes in Apple’s Notes app for shopping lists. Apple added the ability to make lists with checkboxes, but that was always too much work to do in practice. But forget all that, I’m using Checklist by Neil Deckx.

The problem with Notes is the number of steps: you have to open a note, share a note, type on a line, tap on the checkbox symbol.

Checklist makes this easy: You open the iMessage chat with the person or group. You tap on Checklist in the Messages app bar. Tap create and start adding items.

Note: you get to create one list, and then need to upgrade for $0.99 to unlimited lists. Basically, you get a taste of how good this is, and then pay.

And in-app purchases can’t be restored by family members in Family Sharing, so you’ll have to pay up for each person you want to be able to create a list. (This is Apple’s policy, not Checklist’s.)

Honestly, that’s not a bad deal, to add functionality that’s better than what Apple provides, in terms of speed to share a shopping list, for example. The only possible difficulty is, we have a habit of adding to the shared note during the week, and then refer to it while shopping.

If we create the checklist in messages during the week, we may have a lot of inconvenient scrolling back up to it to add to it. But it’s so helpful having the list in messages natively. The developer calls it “super fun”, and I agree. Checklist is free on the App Store, with in-app upgrade for $0.99.

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