Apple is expecting the Vision Pro to be great for in-flight entertainment

Apple is known for its premium products, and it seems like they’re taking things to new heights – literally. The tech giant is reportedly adding Travel Mode, a feature that reduces the feature set of the Vision Pro to better serve those in coach – or first class. According to reports, Apple is working with airlines to create an in-flight entertainment mode that reduces some of the features in order to better serve you while seated.

The headset is said to be designed with the frequent traveler in mind, offering a unique and immersive experience during long flights. The Vision Pro is rumored to be equipped with advanced features, including eye-tracking technology, high-resolution displays, and a powerful processor. This means that users can expect a seamless and realistic VR and AR experience, whether they’re watching movies, playing games, or exploring new destinations.

While the Vision Pro is still in development, Apple is reportedly in talks with airlines to offer the headset as an in-flight entertainment option. However, with a price tag of around $3,000, it’s safe to say that this accessory will be reserved for the elite few who can afford it. As always, Apple is pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation, and the Vision Pro is no exception. It’s exciting to see what the future holds for VR and AR, and how Apple will continue to shape the industry.

John Biggs

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