Android battery draining faster than it used to?

As it turns out, it may not be your imagination. Sure, batteries degrade over time, and sometimes they just straight up need replacement. However, if it was able to get you going through a day and then all of a sudden is acting like an electron sieve, then the latest Google Play update may be to blame.

Per Android Hacks version 18.3.82 of Google Play Services is the culprit. So, how do you avoid the issue? First and foremost, hold off on any updates until Google has an official fix released. If you’ve already updated and are impacted, then you’ve got a little more work cut out for you.

I mean, sure, you could wait for the patch, but where’s the fun in that? Android is all about letting you do things yourself, so you’ve got some options. You can either get into the Beta program signup to get a newer version, or you can sideload an older version of the Google Play app. For the rundown on how to handle either of those, head over and check out this excellent article over at Lifehacker.

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