Afternoon Beer Break: Begyle Flannel Pajamas

Ah, fall. Which, in the midwest, can just as easily swing into winter, back up into Indian Summer, then zip back to throwing some snow on the ground. Which means – along with the furnace being turned on – it’s time to break out the jams. The warm pajamas, that is. And hey, why not mix a stout in there too? Well, the Begyle Flannel Pajamas will cover off on both of those bases.

While I won’t say I’m an expert on the Chicagoland scene for craft beer, I thought I knew – or at least was familiar with – what I was able to find in my local shops out in the suburbs. Then, this bright yellow can caught my eye, and it showed me how much I knew (turns out, about as much as Jon Snow). That yellow can turned out to be the Begyle Flannel Pajamas, which is brewed within the Chicago city limits. I thought, I like Chicago beer, I like stouts, and I do like a nice flannel – time to give this one a try.

Right from the get-go, you know what you’re getting into with the Begyle Flannel Pajamas. It’s a stout, it calls out chocolate, caramel, and coffee notes, so this all feels like familiar territory. Where it’s different from what you might expect from an Independent stout starts showing up in the ABV – at 5.4%, it’s surprisingly “light” (but still, please do be responsible when you drink!). That carries over into the mouthfeel of the beer – this is a smooth, light, easy-sipping stout.

When you pour the Begyle Flannel Pajamas out, you are greeted with that dark, dark deliciousness. There’s a bit of a head on it, fairly thin and creamy. On the nose, you can definitely pick up the coffee and chocolate, and some maltiness as well. Drinking it, it’s a straight-up classic stout taste, that is then followed up with coffee and chocolate in the aftertaste. So, if you’re looking for a coffee stout here, you may be disappointed, as it’s not really in the main flavor profile. For me, I was favorably impressed with the Begyle Flannel Pajamas (solid 3.5 / 5) and will definitely be keeping an eye out for other varieties from the brewery.

Tasting Notes

  • Very dark
  • Thin creamy head
  • Mix of coffee, malt, and chocolate on the nose
  • Hints of chocolate and coffee in the after taste
  • Not overly thick or heavy; easy sipping

Description from Begyle

This smooth bodied Oatmeal Stout features aromas of roast and cocoa, and flavor notes of fudge, coffee and caramel. You know that feeling you get when you wake up on a cold morning in your favorite PJ’s and you can smell coffee already brewing? That’s what this is, but beer.”

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