Urbanista launches solar-powered headphones cobranded with HUGO

Iconic fashion brand HUGO and Swedish lifestyle audio brand Urbanista have joined forces to create a limited-edition version of the popular Urbanista Los Angeles headphones. This exclusive collaboration, named HUGO x Urbanista Los Angeles, combines the distinctive style of HUGO’s runway collections with Urbanista’s innovative audio technology and Scandinavian design aesthetic. The result is a unique pair of headphones that serves as both a fashion statement and a cutting-edge audio accessory.

HUGO is renowned for its unconventional and trendsetting designs, catering to individuals who prefer to lead rather than follow. By blending modern tailoring with casual influences, HUGO delivers looks that are truly distinct. On the other hand, Urbanista was born out of a love for urban life and draws inspiration from music, arts, fashion, and urban culture. The brand has gained recognition for its products rooted in Scandinavian design tradition.

The HUGO x Urbanista collaboration takes the self-charging wireless headphones, Urbanista Los Angeles, to a new level. The Los Angeles headphones, first introduced in 2021, utilize Powerfoyle™ solar cell technology, allowing them to convert both indoor and outdoor light into energy. This groundbreaking feature provides virtually infinite playtime and has earned the Urbanista Los Angeles headphones prestigious design awards, including the Red Dot Best of the Best 2022 Award and the iF Design Award 2022.

The limited-edition HUGO x Urbanista Los Angeles headphones showcase a unique two-tone colorway inspired by HUGO’s iconic collections. These headphones are designed to make a bold fashion statement, appealing to those who crave individuality and style. In addition to their eye-catching aesthetics, the headphones will also be compatible with the Urbanista mobile companion app, which enables users to customize features, personalize their audio experience, and monitor battery status.

The HUGO x Urbanista Los Angeles headphones will be available for purchase from June 14, 2023, at selected retailers worldwide and through the official websites of Urbanista (www.urbanista.com/hugo) and HUGO (www.hugo.com). Priced at 209 GBP/249 USD/239 EUR, these limited-edition headphones offer a unique blend of fashion-forward design and cutting-edge audio technology.

Tuomas Lonka, Brand and Marketing Director at Urbanista, expressed pride and excitement regarding the collaboration, highlighting the headphones’ ability to let users express their personal style through a true audio fashion accessory. With the launch of HUGO x Urbanista Los Angeles, fashion enthusiasts and audiophiles alike can look forward to a harmonious fusion of style and sound.

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