Toss another layer on with the Voited Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket

Yesterday, we talked about some slippers from Voited that are intended for outdoors use. Not everyone feels the need for a pair of slippers, especially in the warmer months. Well, you can still look for some warmth at the lake or in the tent when the temps drop, courtesy of the Voited Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket.

Why would you want a blanket, when you’ll clearly have a sleeping bag along for the trip? I wondered that, until we picked up some blankets for our kids to use on our camping trips. Little cool in the morning? Get the blanket out on the chair! Need some more cushion in the hammock? The blanket to the rescue? They’re not from Voited, but the concept is the same – a quick layer for when you need it.

The Voited Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket offers some more functionality that I’ve not seen before, at least in the few that we’ve picked up so far. As with most of their products, it’s made of recycled plastic bottles, and is machine washable (a bonus for outdoors gear). The blanket itself, they list as a 4-in-1. How’s that? It’s a blanket, of course. It can also be used as a pillow once it’s in the stuff sack, used as a lightweight sleep sack (courtesy of snaps on the edges), or even a cape that also happens to be waterproof.

That last use there should be pretty awesome. It’s one thing to wrap a blanket around you, but if you can snap it in place as a cape, now your hands are free as you move around. Being waterproof also means you don’t have to worry about sitting in a damp chair or bench, or even relaxing on some damp sand at the lake – it’s all not a worry.

Camping blankets are handy, and are also a great extra layer even for lounging on the porch or in the backyard, or on a longer car trip. Just handy all-around things, in our experience. The Voited Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket is available in a variety of colors and patterns (14, to be precise), each coming in at $99.90. If you’re looking for a bit heavier of a layer, perhaps for the fall, they also have their CloudTouch line that adds a layer of fleece for $134.90. Check them all out (as well as their other blanket options) over at

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