This Magic Storybook writes itself

Once upon a time, there was a magical storybook that could write any tale you desired. This wasn’t just any ordinary book, but rather a creation of technology and innovation. The book was brought to life by artist Erin St Blaine and is called the Magic Storybook.

From the site:

The magnetic contact switch tells the book whether it is open or closed, so it can spring to life when a reader picks it up and go back to sleep when they close it. The USB microphone listens as a reader requests aloud the type of story they want, turning the NeoPixel light red to show it is listening, then green to indicate that ChatGPT is busy writing a story.

The book itself is an old poetry book sourced from a used book store and the touchscreen and Raspberry Pi are connected to ChatGPT to allow the book to write stories while the reader reads along – or dictates the next step.

You can build your own storybook with Adafruit’s build guide and it is looks like a lovely weekend activity for you and yours.

John Biggs

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