The Book 8088 laptop recreates a 1981 IBM PC

The Book 8088 laptop: A brand new laptop has been released that recreates the 1981 IBM PC, complete with an 8088 CPU and 640KB of RAM. The device is called the Book 8088 and is made by an Alibaba-based company called DZT. The laptop is designed to look like the original IBM PC, with a black case and a green 640×200 16-color LCD monitor. It also comes with a keyboard that is similar to the original IBM PC keyboard.

It supports USB accessories and CompactFlash cards, as well, another surprise.

Watch the video version of the Book 8088 Laptop here:

Book 8088 Laptop:

The Book 8088 is not just a replica of the original IBM PC, it is a fully functional laptop that can run modern software. It comes with a USB port, an HDMI port, and an SD card slot. It also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which means that it can be used to connect to the internet and other devices. The Book 8088 is powered by an 8088 processor and has a mere 640K on board.

The laptop runs on MS-DOS, which means that it can’t run much. The Book 8088 is not just a novelty item, it is a fully functional laptop that can be used for work and play, albeit with extreme limitations. You can even add hardware including sound cards and modem hardware so you can even connect to some sort of proto-internet. 

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