The Afternoon Beverage Break: Shanky’s Whip

Yes, that’s right friends – it’s that time on a Friday afternoon to start unwinding from the work week. While we tend to feature barley pops in this series, today we’ve got something a bit different. Fittingly, as yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve got a tipple made in Cavan, Ireland: Shanky’s Whip.

So, what is Shanky’s Whip, I hear you asking? Well, it’s not an Irish whiskey, though it is made with black Irish whiskey. It’s also got some other spirits in there (no mention of what those are) and the flavors of cream and vanilla. Sounds a bit interesting, doesn’t it?

Poured into a glass, Shanky’s Whip gives of a chocolatey, syrupy nose. As you take that first sip, you get a bit of a burn in your nose as it goes down, and it’s got a very slippery mouthfeel to it. But the taste, what about the taste, I hear you asking? The closest thing I could equate it to would be an Irish cream, but it’s obviously a little light than that. So far, I’ve only tried it on ice, though their site has recommendations for mixing it (a particularly easy one would be with some cola).

If you’re a whiskey purist, and only want single malts that can trace the lineage of their barrel back to a particular forest, Shanky’s Whip is not for you. For those who enjoy whiskey, and don’t mind exploring some of the other flavors that be accomplished with clever blending, then you should step right on up. And, at just 66 proof, it packs less of a punch than your standard bit of whiskey, so you could (responsibly, please) enjoy this without the evening getting away from you.

While you can’t quite order it online yet (that should be coming soon), the 750 ml bottle will retail for for $24.99 if you can find it locally. They’ve also partnered with Max Liquor to give you another online option, thought the price is a bit higher there. If it sounds interesting, I’d say keep an eye out for it. In the meantime, you can read up more on the brand right over at

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