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Over the last year or so, you have likely seen an explosion of those massage guns that look like someone connected a tennis ball to the end of a cordless reciprocating saw. Now, I get it, people want to be able to hit trouble spots to loosen up sore muscles (and I, for one, have missed the 20-minute massages we could get at the office). Those power massages though, I’ve never quite gotten into those, as they just seem over-powered for what you need. That’s why the Pact Massage System seems so intriguing to me.

The Pact Massage System is actually a two-part system. First up you have the Pact Sense, which you use to scan the muscles you want to target. With that, it will record how stiff the muscle is, the mass of the muscle, and how ready the muscle is to perform. This information is all collected into an associated app, which then helps come up with a tuned massage program.

This then ties into the Pact Pulse, which uses those programs, and walks you through the area(s) you’re needing to target. As you’re going through the program, you’ll get guided through the routine, and the app will adjust the massager to hit the muscles with as much force as the scan indicated. Frankly, this seems really keen. For instance, I know one shoulder needs much different attention than the other to loosen things; you may want something that’s more for a warm up before going for a run rather than releasing tired muscles after a long day.

Whatever the reason, this seems like a much more customized way of getting a massage done, rather than just pummeling yourself with the powergun types and learning by trial and error. For this new kit, you’ve got two options for the Pact Massage System. You can opt for the Pact Sport Kit at $499, or go for the Pact Pro Kit at $649 which comes with an extra battery handle, a year of bonus app content, and a travel case. Of course, those are the retail prices. With this being on Indiegogo, you can get the Pact Sport starting at $249, or the Pact Pro Kit at $329, which shipping anticipated for May 2022. Check it all out over at or

Tech Specs from Impact Biosystems

Pact Pulse

  • Performance
    • Stall force: 40lbs.
    • Noise: Under 40dB
  • Features
    • Smart Massage: Accelerometers provide an optimal experience
    • Bluetooth Low Energy®: Connect with Mobile App for Auto-drive mode
    • App Guided Routines: Routines generated based on muscle scans
  • Treatment
    • Customizable Speed
      • Controlled through Pact Mobile App
      • Enables any speed between 2800 RPM – Min 650 RPM
    • 5 Built-In Speeds: Largest range on the market. User adjustable through the Pact App
    • Stroke length: 10mm
  • Battery & Charging
    • Total Battery Life:
      • 6 hours
      • Standard handle: 2 hours
      • Extended handle: 4 hours
    • Battery Pack
      • Swappable 2600 mAH Li-Ion battery pack
      • Extended 5200 mAH Li-Ion long handle pack
    • Charging Port : USB-C
    • Wall Adapter: 20W USB PD power adapter (region specific)
  • Weight: 1.3lbs (0.6kg)
  • Warranty: 1 years limited warranty
  • Massaging Heads: 5
  • Colors: Porcelain / Navy

Pact Sense

  • Features
    • Muscle Readiness: Quickly extract mechanical properties from your muscles
    • Bluetooth Low Energy®: Connect with Pact Mobile App for scan results
    • App Guided Routines: Routines generated based on muscle scans
  • Scanning
    • Scan Time: Less than 5 seconds per scan
    • Sensors: 2x position sensors, accelerometer, IMU, current sensor, force sensor
    • Measured Parameters: Muscle stiffness, mass, and damping
  • Battery & Charging
    • Total Battery Life: 150 Scans per charge
    • Battery: 700 mAH Lithium-Ion
    • Charging Port: USB-C
    • Wall Adapter: 20W USB PD power adapter (region specific)
  • Specifications
    • Weight: 0.9lbs (0.4kg)
    • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

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