Lanmodo D1 3-channel dash cam: Recently Released

If you remember, we’ve talked about Lanmodo before (you can see that here). Well, now they’re back with a brand new camera system that’s ready to record everything that’s going on outside (and even inside) your car. Meet the Lanmodo D1 3-channel dash cam.

Lanmodo D1 3-channel dash cam

As we’ve seen with prior Lanmodo products, they’ve got some interesting night-vision tech built into their dashcams, and it continues with the Lanmodo D1. This one has some interesting tricks up it’s sleeve, with 5Ghz wifi (so you can control it and pull video right on your phone) and GPS. The GPS isn’t for giving you directions, it’s for tracking where your recordings are from.

Lanmodo D1 3-channel dash cam

Lanmodo D1 3-channel dash cam: Price

Past that, what’s really interesting with the Lanmodo D1 is the four different formats you can select. You can get one that is just the front-facing dash cam, one that’s front-facing with an internal camera as well (helpful for recording rideshares), a front-facing plus a separate rear camera, or one that’s front- and internal-facing, plus the rear camera. In short, record how you want to record. At the low-end, just the regular front-camera is $229, while the one with all three cameras goes for $299. Check out all the details over at

Lanmodo D1 3-channel dash cam

Features from Lanmodo

Lanmodo D1 3-channel dash cam

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