Put a lid on it with Tommy Breeze

Ever since my hairline made it more economical to just clipper the dome than head to a barber, hats have become a key for me heading outside in the summertime (thanks, pale skin!). It’s great to support your favorite team, or even go logo-less for less-obvious look. What if you want something that’s still bold and colorful, but not be a walking billboard for a brand? Enter Tommy Breeze.

Tommy Breeze is an actual guy who lives out in California. He creates art that’s inspired by his favorite spots in the outdoors, and then these become patches (and stickers as well). While you can buy the patches on their own, they also come on a wide variety of hats. You may have your favorite style, but for being out in the sun, I tend to like the trucker style because they offer some sun protection but also a lot of ventilation to cool off the braincase.

What’s great is how affordable these hats are. Even for all of the variety (in terms of what patches end up on what color combinations in the hats), a vast majority of them come in under $40 (they have some limited and suede versions that break that point). These truckers, with a pre-curved bills? A very tidy $34, which isn’t bad especially considering that the patches themselves are $8 – $10 apiece, and they’ve already done the work of sewing it on for you. You can see the full range over at tommybreeze.com.

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