Portable carry style with the High Camp Torch flask

Hey, it’s Friday, so that means it’s time to talk about something that’s a bit more weekend-ready. Sure, we normally keep those reviews and articles for after 5pm, but this, hey, it’s just a container, so why not talk about it now? Time to meet the High Camp Torch flask!

If you think High Camp sounds familiar, it’s going to be due to the Firelight 750 flask we reviewed a few summers back (you can see that here). Well, not everyone wants to bring a whole bottle with them on an outing, so this 6 oz / 180 ml bottle shrinks things up a bit, while still giving you a magnetically-attached cup. This is great to always ensure you’ve got one available, as well as acting as a dust cover for the pour spout and it’s cap.

More than just being a smaller version of the earlier flask, the High Camp Torch flask has another trick up its sleeve. You see that knurled bit at the bottom? That’s actually where you fill the flask. Sure, you could use a funnel and fill it from the top, but this wide-mouth opening on the bottom will make it a lot simpler. Not only that, if you’re pre-mixing a cocktail, this means you could also slip some ice cubes in there as well, keeping things chilly in that double-wall setup.

Another thing that they’ve introduced is some new colors, with that electric green really jumping out at you. If you want to pick one up for your next fall outing, just take $99 and go right on over to highcampflasks.com

Details from High Camp

  • 6oz Magnetic Pocket Flask
  • 3oz Sipping Shot Glass
  • Specs
    • Flask 6oz/180ml | Shot Glass 3oz/90ml
    • 100% stainless steel
    • Removable bottom cap for funnel-free fill-up & easy cleaning
    • Shot Glass magnetically attaches to the Flask
    • Double-wall insulated
    • BPA, phthalate and plastic-free
    • Electrogloss (™) Clean Technology preserves the integrity of your spirits

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