Now Funding: Moonside Neon Hex

LED lighting is all around us. You likely have a number of LED bulbs in your fixtures now, perhaps have LED backlighting in your TV, and may even have a bunch of RGB lighting going on in your keyboard and mouse. What if you want to RGB-up your battlestation? You could use LED strips, or you could go with something like the Moonside Neon Hex.

Within each of the Moonside Neon Hex modules, you’ve got 30 addressable RGB zones, so you have pretty finite control of things. Hooking them together? That looks like a snap, with them easily plugging into each other (and additional connectors for things like going around a corner as stretch goals) making for a clean look. Only a single cord comes down from it (USB-C into a 15W adapter), and they mount on the wall with easily-removable 3M tape, so you can reconfigure to your hearts content.

The Moonside Neon Hex is over on Indiegogo right now, and have broken their funding goal. The campaign runs until mid-April, with shipping planned to happen in May. Want to back the project? $67 gets you a pack of three of these, or you can go all the way up to a 24 pack for $368. The modularity of this build seems rather unique, and they can be integrated into your existing home automation. Check it all out over at

Tech Specs from Moonside

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