Never run out of power: Olight Baton 4 Premium Edition

Flashlights are handy things to have. Drop something under the desk? You need a light. Heard something rustling in the leaves while you’re out on a walk? A flashlight. Yeah, you can use your phone’s LED in a pinch, but a dedicated light is going to serve you better in the long run. You have a choice, though – do you want your light to use standard alkaline batteries? Do you want it to be rechargeable? Maybe something with a more powerful cell to drive a hungry emitter? Rechargeables are the way to go, but then you’re worried about running out of juice. That worry goes away with the Olight Baton 4 Premium Edition.

What is it?

Well, the Olight Baton 4 is a compact flashlight that can pump out up to 1300 lumens, which is going to light up the night for sure. That much light, packed into a package that’s less than 2.5″ long, well, you know you’re dealing with some power. Here, it’s provided by a custom 650 mAh 3.6V battery. At the lowest setting, that can pump light out for 30 days. Still, recharging comes for us all at some point, and that can be a concern if you’re out on a longer hike or camping trip. That is, until you consider the charging case that comes with the Premium edition.

Charging case?

Yes, that’s right – the Olight Baton 4 Premium Edition includes a charging case (just like your favorite earbuds) that has it’s own 5000 mAh battery built in. This means you can get another 5 charges for your flashlight, taking you up to 190 days of runtime (on the lowest output). Not only that, this can act as a power bank for your phone in a pinch, as well. Just one port, USB-C, but that’s more than enough to put electrons in or pull them out.

Can it do anything else?

Why yes, yes indeed! As you can see in that photo just above, you can use the Baton 4 while it’s still within the case. Use the button on teh case, and you can work through the stepless dimming of the light – easy way to throw some light if you’re in the middle of charging the Baton 4. We like that, as it means you’re not totally out of usage when it’s time to charge.

Anything else with the Baton 4 we should know?

As with most modern flashlights, the Olight Baton 4 has a UI built into it that you’ll need to get yourself accustomed to. What we like to see is that they’ve made improvements to the switch itself from the prior version, and you’ve got two sets of LEDS flanking the button. One indicates what brightness the light is at, and the other tells you how much power the internal cell has left in it.

How can you get one?

If you’re like us, you’re probably seeing a lot to like with this Olight Baton 4 Premium Edition. If you want just the light (and not the charging case), you can get that for $64.99, while the versions with the charging case are $99.99. Well, those are the standard prices – from 11/20/2023 08:00 pm – 11/27/2023 11:59 pm, they’ve got a sale going on, which drops the Baton 4 to $45.49 (the candycane striped version will be $49), or the charging case version for $69.99. Check it out over at

Tech Specs from Olight

Body MaterialFlashlight: Aluminum Alloy; Charging Case: PC
Power SourceFlashlight: Customized 16340 650mAh Battery; Charging Case: Built-in 21700 5000mAh Battery
Beam Distance557 ft (170 m)
Max Performance1,300 lumens
Charging TypeFlashlight: MCC 1A Magnetic Charging Cable; Charging Case: Type-C USB Charging Cable
Compatible BatteriesFlashlight: Customized 650mAh 3.6V IMR 16340 Rechargeable Battery
Max Light Intensity7,225 candela
Light SourceHigh Performance CW LED
Lens / Reflector TypeTIR Optic Lens
Mode OperationSide Switch
Form / Size FactorSmall Size
SeriesSeries Baton
Turbo1,300~600~300 lumens
Run time Turbo1.5 + 2.5 + 73 minutes
High600~300~60 lumens
Run time High7 + 72 + 16 minutes
Med60 lumens
Run time Med8 hours
Low12 lumens
Run time Low35 hours
Moon0.5 lumens
Run time Moon30 days
StrobeYes, 13Hz at 1,300 lumens
WeightBaton 4 Standard: 1.85oz / 52.5g (Battery Included); Baton 4 Premium: 6.84oz / 194g (Charging Case and Battery Included)
DimensionFlashlight: 2.48 x 0.83 x 0.83 in (63 x 21 x 21 mm); Charging Case: 2.56 x 1.26 x 3.46 in (65 x 32 x 88 mm)
PackagingCarton Box
UseCamping, Hiking, Mountaineering, Household
Baton 4 Standard: Flashlight (Battery and Pocket Clip Included) x 1, MCC 1A Magnetic Charging Cable x 1, Pouch × 1, User Manual ×1
Baton 4 Premium: Flashlight (Battery and Pocket Clip Included) x 1, Baton 4 Charging Case x 1, Lanyard x 1, Type-C USB Charging Cable x 1, Cleaning Cloth x 1, User Manual x 1

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