Discover Sway’s Minioke: The Ultimate Portable Karaoke System for Unforgettable Fun!


When the Minioke arrived my family was far from enthralled. We’ve always been trepidatious about entering the world of Karaoke – my daughter got a full-sized machine for Christmas years ago and it has sat there, unused, since – but the Minioke was something different.

This $69 device features a big speaker and handheld microphone. The microphone pairs instantly and you can connect to the Minioke’s Bluetooth and stream music from Apple Music or your Android device. Because most apps support Karaoke mode, you can turn down the vocals, blast the sound, and start singing your little heart out.

I mean come on…

In short, this thing just works. It can also act as a Bluetooth speaker for music but it’s far more fun as a portable Karaoke machine. If you’re an audiophile you’re probably not going to be overjoyed but if you want to get drunk and yell into a microphone, this fits the bill.

Is the Minioke a good Karaoke machine?

Absolutely. It’s also a blast. At $69 it’s a bit pricey but the technology is solid and the whole thing is a lot of fun. Obviously, this is a Karaoke machine so both your voice and the music skew more toward the “loud and fun” side of the spectrum, away from “nuanced and precise.” The result, when adding in the reverb on the mic, is exactly what you’d expect from a standard Karaoke machine.

Who needs this thing? Primarily folks who want to do some Karaoke on the go. The rechargeable battery lasts for about six hours and the microphone and device both charge over USB-C. A soft cap allows for more air motion inside the device, increasing the loudness and the bass, and the 5-watt speaker is enough for a small room or the corner of a bar. Because of its small size and portability, I could see this at a campsite, at a house party, or at a private event. You’re definitely not going to fill a concert hall with the sound of this speaker but you can definitely get together with a few friends and have a blast.

In the end, devices like this are simultaneously very niche and very broad. Everyone loves Karaoke – my family is just getting into it thanks to the Minioke – and devices like this one make for a great evening.

Plus, you get to completely mess up Men at Work songs with it.

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