Lems launched new boot styles!

When it comes to shoes, we’ve all got those go-to pairs that we always reach for. And when it’s time to get a new pair, we’ve got brands we gravitate towards. When it comes to a more casual boot, my go-to has quickly become Lems. I’ve been putting their Boulder Boots to good use for years now, and was putting miles on their new Outlander boots (reviewed here). Which makes one of their new fall releases all but directly aimed at my wallet.

You see, I like the Boulder for just plain casual comfort, it’s great for around town and whatnot (and now that I’ve picked up a waterproof pair, great for the wet weather as well). While I’ve hiked in them, they don’t have the most aggressive tread. That’s where the Outlander comes in, with the classic hiking boot looks and a tread a bit more equipped for going off-road.

With the brand-new Boulder Summit, they took the waterproof leather Boulder, and basically slapped the sole of the Outlander on the bottom. The toe-box is a bit less of a moccasin shape; past that, it’s got the same profile as the Boulder. What’s great about this is that added traction, in a look that doesn’t scream you’re about to try to climb a mountain. With the waterproofness added in, these are going to be great boots for fall and winter, for sure. They’re available in both women’s and men’s sizing, and come in at $185.

If you’re looking for something that’s quicker to put on (and slip off), then their new Chelsea style is where you’ll want to look. For these, the sole is a bit more like the original Boulder, which is lower profile and very flexible. That’s fine it’s not as aggressive, as with boots with side-gores like these, you’re not getting too crazy out there. Again, both women’s and men’s sizing , and they come in the lighter suede tone for $150, or the darker brown which the waterproof style which is $165.

Whatever the style, if you’re wanting some boots that give your toes some room to wiggle and puts your foot in a more neutral posture (minimal drop from heel to toe) while still giving you some cushion, you’ll be happy with a pair of Lems on your feet. Check out the full fall lineup right over at lemsshoes.com

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