Kizik shoes (CES 2023)

Kizik shoes review: CES is a sprawling mass of convention halls, suites, and generally lots of walking. There are people who have specific “CES shoes” just for wearing on the shoe floor, and bad fortune falls on the person who takes a brand new pair of untested shoes to the shoe. Kizik makes shoes with patented heel materials, so that you can step into them without using your hands.

At first glance, that might sound like they’re made for elderly, or people with disabilities. While they may be beneficial for those users, that’s not who Kizik thinks they’re for. At their booth at CES 2023, Kizik thinks they’re for casual moms and dads who simply don’t really need to reach down to tie their shows.

The way a Kizik shoe works is, you step down on the heel of the shoe, mashing it flat. Slide your foot in, and then the heel springs back up around your heel and ankle of your foot. That springing back up is the patented bit.

Kizik Shoes Review: Price

At CES, I went by their booth, and tried on a pair of the Roamer shoe model in size 10. It was immediately more comfortable than the shoes I brought to the show.

Kizik makes them in a number of slip on shoes styles and sizes. The price for a men’s pair of shoes, for example, is US $149. Check them out at

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