Introducing: HexGaming customizable Xbox controllers

No doubt, you are doing just fine with the controller that came with your Xbox. If it’s starting to act a bit flaky (can only throw them to the floor so many times, you know), or you’re looking to get a boost in your play, then it’s off to the aftermarket. Ones we recently became aware of are the HexGaming customizable Xbox controllers.

Often, with accessories, we think that customizable means just changing out some color plates, or maybe putting some skins on it to change the aesthetics. Well, there’s some of that going on here, but you’ve also got a LOT of control over the buttons, thumbsticks, and various mappings. Here’s what HexGaming has to say about the controllers:

The HexGaming Ultra X provides gamers with the most advanced Xbox controller ever. With the Ultra X, gamers can operate the controller flexibly, capture targets faster, and improve accuracy. The player can flip the switches, and their trigger will go from a smooth full-pull to a short mouse “click” action.

The controller features:
– Four remappable back buttons
– Adjustable trigger compatible trigger control mechanisms
– 8 in 1 interchangeable textured thumbsticks with two different heights
– Three different ergonomic thumb grip design- domed, concave and concave widened – Choice of non-rubberized grip faceplate or rubberized
– Ability to save up to six different paddle mapping profiles

The HexGaming Ultra One controller features an industry-leading digital trigger mechanism, shortening the trigger’s active distance to just 1.5mm.

Additional features include:
– Four remappable back buttons – Interchangeable thumbsticks
– Digital triggers

In short, if you want to tinker with things to get your setup just right, then these HexGaming customizable Xbox controllers should scratch that itch (and yes, they’ve got them for Playstation as well). Want to pick up a controller for your gaming setup? Pricing starts at $169.99, and you can get them either from Amazon, or of course directly from

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