Introducing: Deckers X Lab X-SCAPE BAJA

Though they are polarizing (you either love them or hate them), those reptilian-named foam clogs are undoubtedly part of the footwear landscape. Fortunately, there are designs that take that basic idea in some interesting directions, like we’ve reviewed before. Now, we’ve got a new one in the mix that just dropped today. Meet the Deckers X Lab X-SCAPE BAJA.

What are they?

On the surface, the Deckers X Lab X-SCAPE BAJA just look like a VERY well-ventilated pair of sneakers, ready for say, the tennis courts or just kicking around on the weekend. Closer examination shows that those are no leather or textile uppers, though. Here, they’re made of a sugarcane-based EVA foam, which, if nothing else, helps reduce the need for petroleum products in the design. Another differentiator here is that there’s an actual tongue on these shoes. These keep them looking more like sneakers, as well as allowing for an easier slip on, slip off action.

What do we like about them?

For one, it’s the sneaker-forward silhouette that the Deckers X Lab X-SCAPE BAJA are carrying. What makes shoes like these even better as that they’re perfect for going into the water with them on. Forget those super thin water socks that have you feeling every single pebble under your feet. With these, you can be hopping in and out of the water, and not have to worry about whatever might be hiding there that you don’t see before you step down on it. Since they’re aren’t any textiles here, they’ll dry out really quick as well, which is more than you can say for any adventure sandals you might normally use in the water.

Want to get a pair?

The Deckers X Lab X-SCAPE BAJA are now available, directly from Deckers. They’re running $69 in three colorways, in both men’s and women’s sizes. Oh, and yes, we’ve got a pair in for review, so be on the lookout for that in the near future. In the meantime, check out the collection over at

Details from Deckers X Lab

  • Sugarcane IM-EVA midsole outsole comb
  • Sorona bio-based Knit Tongue
  • Soft molded EVA collar foam
  • Anatomical molded footbed
  • Non-wicking laces & tongue for quick drying and water sports use
  • MSRP: $69

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