Introducing: Coros Pace 2 (now in steel blue!)

To be fair, the Coros Pace 2 has been around for a bit. I first became aware of the Coros lineup when a friend was looking around for a new smartwatch, and was very focused on battery life. Just a few days ago, there was a new color released (a steel blue) of the Coros Pace 2, so we felt it was time to cover it.

As I mentioned in the opening, if you’re looking for super-long battery life, the Coros Pace 2 has you covered. From their materials, the watch is rated for 20 days of regular use (guessing the more it talks with your phone, the lower that number gets), or 30-hours straight of using the GPS capabilities. If you’re using it mixed (say, an hour every morning out jogging, then regular use throughout the day) you’re easily expecting to get over a week, if not two, between charges. Even with my current workout wear (the Amazfit T-Rex Pro), I can only hit about a week between charges.

For the Coros Pace 2, the battery life no doubt due to the processor that they’ve got plugged in there, which is faster than the original Coros Pace, and offers 4x the storage as well. You might worry that the focus on battery life means that functionality is being skimped on, but that’s not the case. You get all of the fitness watch stuff you’d expect (including 24/7 heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking, as well as a variety of sport modes and silent alarms), full smartwatch functionality (notifications, caller ID) and a few other goodies, like some tuned HR algorithms based on if you’re doing cardio or strength training, personal trainer inputs, and muscle tracking so you can see what areas you’re hitting. If you’re looking for SpO2 monitoring, you’ll need a different one from their lineup, however (full comparison can be found here).

Along with all of that, the Coros Pace 2 offers an always-on LCD. With this battery life, that’s a bit of a surprise, but that keeps things nice an usable all day long. And if you’re working out at night? It’s got a lower-brightness backlight it kicks on to help you read the display without blinding you.

Sizing for the Coros Pace 2 is about par for a fitness smartwatch, with a 42mm diameter and just under 12mm thick. With the materials used though, you can have a watch you won’t even notice. On the silicone band, the weight is 36g, but if you cut over to the nylon band, then it’s just 30g. Definitely one you’ll forget you’re wearing.

As we mentioned, there’s a new steel blue color of the Coros Pace 2 available now. Whether you go for that, or the original colors (white or navy blue), they run $199 which seems quite reasonable for everything you’re getting here. You can also pick up additional bands for $29 apiece, or things like a running pod ($69) to really dial in the metrics on your training. Check it all out over at

Tech Specs from Coros

Part NumberPACE 2
Display Size1.2 in. 240 x 240 (64 colors)
Display TypeAlways-On Memory LCD
Screen MaterialCorning® Glass
Bezel MaterialFiber Reinforced Polymer
Cover MaterialFiber Reinforced Polymer
Strap MaterialSilicone/Nylon
Quick Release/Fit Band20mm
Physical Size42 × 42 × 11.7mm
Weight With Silicone Band35g-36g
Weight With Nylon Band29g-30g
Phone ConnectionBluetooth
Accessory ConnectionANT+/Bluetooth
NavigationGPS/QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou
SensorsOptical Heart Rate Monitor Barometric Altimeter Accelerometer Compass Gyroscope Thermometer
Water Resistance5ATM (50 Meters/164 Feet)

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