Introducing CBD pain relief from Botanika Life

Through a series of introductions between various PR folks, I recently became aware of a botanical-derived health and wellness company, Botanika Life. If you check out their site, you’ll see a number of skincare solutions and things to help you sleep and stay healthy. Where I want to focus us today is on their pain-relief solutions.

It does seem that everyone (and their brother’s brother) is getting into the CBD game. The past few years, it seemed like it was a runup to localities legalizing medical and recreational marijuana sales. The great thing with CBD is that you can get the pain-relief benefits without the other side effects you can encounter with THC-based items.

What I find interesting with the Botanika Life options is that they’re not just CBD – they’re also utilizing menthol (which has a cooling effect) and lidocaine, a well-known pain reliever. So, even if CBD itself doesn’t always work for you, the other two components should definitely help you soothe some sore muscles.

Botanika Life has a few different options within this lineup:

  • Pain Relief Roller – $95 (looks like a roll-on deodorant, should be easy to handle)
  • Soothing Pain Serum – $90 (spray on relief)
  • Ultra-relief pain rub – $95 (lotion to rub into the sore spots
  • Cryo massage roller – $60 (cool it down, and spray the serum on it to apply)
  • Mini pain relief roller – $35

There’s also a combo kit that combines the serum and the roller for $125, saving you some coin. I’ve tried lidocaine-based topic pain relief in the past, and they have worked for my various aches and pains. The addition of CBD here, I don’t know that it’s a deal maker, but it’s an interesting addition. We’ll be working to get some in to try out, and will report back to you as to how well it works.

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