Inside the Playdate handheld game console

Our buddies at iFixIt have torn down the Playdate, a handheld gaming console designed for, well, maximum tinkering. The console itself is a cute little Gameboy-style console designed for maximum fun. It even has a little crank on the side to do… something! Game makers can use it in their games to add clever features.

iFixIt got an early version of the device and tore it down to see what was inside.

“First look inside reveals: Tidiness. Yellowness. And an easily-accessible battery, a.k.a. repair happiness,” the write.

The team went on to tear down the whole thing. The hardest thing to repair? The screen because it was glued to the front case, meaning you’d have to replace the entire thing if it broke. They gave the Playdate a 6 out of 10 in repairability, a fine score for a clever little device.

“Our repairability scoring model isn’t well-calibrated for the Playdate (although we’ll give it a go). It exists in a category all its own, and, like the device itself, we dug in mostly for fun,” the wrote.

John Biggs

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