In Review: Yaber Pro V7 Advanced Projector

Over the last year and a half or so, I’m guessing your house is a lot like mine. We’ve consumed a bit more entertainment in the form of movies and television than we had before. A lot of this was on the one TV in the house, and that gives us a fixed setup. But what if you want something a bit more portable, or perhaps an even larger view than your TV would allow? That’s where a projector like theYaber Pro V7 can come in quite handy.

If you recall, we first told you about theYaber Pro V7 back in June (you can see that here). We’ve been spending some time with it since then, and now we can share our thoughts on the device. While the projector would no doubt get the best performance from using an actual screen, we just had fun with it shooting it onto walls, or even an angled part of the ceiling. Particularly, my kids really enjoyed being able to watch a show up in their bedroom, relaxing on their beds, rather than needing to be sitting up on the couches downstairs.

For that, I simply hooked our Roku into theYaber Pro V7 via HDMI, and we were all set. Well, almost. While there is a speaker inside the projector, I wouldn’t say it’s the most powerful thing in the world. It might get the job done in a pinch, but I was able to get dramatically better sound by hooking a bluetooth speaker to it (this one, actually); you could also use a wired connection if you wanted. Not only was I able to get better sound, we were able to move the speaker over by the kids, so it wasn’t the internal speaker fighting to be heard over the sound of the cooling fan in the projector. Oh, and speaking of the cooling fan? The air going in is filtered, and you can get at the filter to clean it out (or replace it down the road).

The auto-keystone adjustment on theYaber Pro V7, except when I was hitting the angled bit of the ceiling. The auto adjustment got it most of the way there, but I then needed to do some manual adjusting as well to get things done up well enough. Once it was up and going, though, we didn’t have any problems. Whether it was a brighter room, or a darker room (you can see both side-by-side up above) the picture was easy to see. Of course the image is crisper in the darker room, but the projector is bright enough that you don’t need full dark.

Which means, if you’re trying to do a backyard movie night (never quite got to that due to our heat and humidity) you don’t have to wait for things to get fully dark outside before starting the movie, and keep the kids up later than you want. No, you can wait for dusk (or maybe a bit after for the mosquitos to go away), start things up, and you’re off to the movies. You’ve also got a wide range of screens (or walls) that you can project on, as it should be able to go from a 50″ display all the way up to 350″. I imagine at the largest size, darkness is your friend, and it might feel a bit fuzzy with the 1080p output. For our use, we were somewhere in the 60″ range or so, and it felt nice and crisp.

As I mentioned, we had just wired our Roku into theYaber Pro V7 to stream some shows. However, you can easily do screen mirroring off of your phone or tablet as well. I tested that a little bit, and it works as you expect it to. This is helped by the built-in WiFi in the projector, and of course will be impacted by your distance from your access point. For us, HDMI was the simplest, especially as the Roku is so small and portable. You’ve also got two USB ports as well, so you can pop a thumb drive in and show off the photos from your last road trip, say.

While I don’t think theYaber Pro V7 would quite replace our 4K TV, having it as a portable second option is very much a nice-to-have. Having that flexibility to quickly setup in spots where you wouldn’t normally have a TV could have any number of uses, and it’s a way to mix things up at home, or bring some extra fun for the backyard party. If you go to Yaber, you’ll see that the Yaber Pro V7 is running $299, but over on Amazon, there’s an active coupon at the moment that will knock $95 off the price, bringing it down to $205 which feels reasonable for a 1080p projector. /

Tech Specs from Yaber

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