In Review: Swiftwick Vision Five socks

When it comes to socks, I’m all about wool socks. When it comes to cold weather jogging, the wool is a must. The tricky part is finding ones that are warm but not too thick, particularly if you’re dealing with running shoes that have a waterproof liner built in, as those tend to be a touch slimmer. After testing them out, I can say that the Swiftwick Vision Five socks definitely fit the bill.

Now, if you remember, we reviewed some Swiftwick socks not that long ago (right here, as a matter of fact). Those were shorty / no-show socks, which are great for warm weather. When the temps dip below freezing, though, I prefer socks that I can pull up over my thermal layer to create a sealed envelope. Being crew socks, the Swiftwick Vision Five socks do just that, helping keep your feet and ankles warm.

Once the cold and wet weather hits, I’m all about wearing shoes that have some sort of waterproof liner built in (currently relying on the Asics Gel-Pulse 13 AWL), as a cold, wet foot is no fun. The thing with those waterproof liners, they do cut into the sizing a bit. That means if you’ve got too thick of a sock, then you’re just headed for an uncomfortable time (at best) and a whole bunch of blisters (at worst). For me, the Swiftwick Vision Five socks hit just the right spot in terms of being thin enough to fit the shoes well, while still keeping my feet warm.

It’s the yarn blend (54% Merino wool / 38% Nylon / 8% Spandex) that does the trick here. With those materials, you get a good, comfortable fit, with feet that are able to breath and let moisture evaporate as you get warmed up. In this case, our review pair was quite a wintry take, so that just helps fit the weather all the better. If you want to get your own pair, the Vision Five normally goes for $19.99, but I’m seeing some patterns (including these) and sizes coming in at $11.99, which means you get a few pairs to mix into your rotation.

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