In Review: Ojai Full Spectrum Sports Gel

I’m probably the worst guy to be reviewing a CBD product. I’ve never found CBD useful, and oral CBD stuff doesn’t really relax me or whatever it’s supposed to do. But I might have just been converted.

Ojai Full Spectrum Sports Gel is a CBD serum you can apply to sore muscles for long-term relief. Again, this is not a medical product any more than a mentholated chest rub or hemp massage oil. But the difference in this stuff is that it actually works.

I run regularly and my knees hurt. I’ve been applying this liberally to my legs and I’ve noticed a distinct difference. I don’t feel “let’s do some parkour” fine but the pain and stiffness are down and I can almost feel reduced inflammation.

Ojai says:

 This is the only full-spectrum CBD that is water-soluble and fully organic without any synthetics. This full spectrum cannabinoid gel will easily fit in your sports bag, yoga bag, and can quickly become a must-have after a tough workout.

I think the CBD in this stuff works. It’s not immediate nor is it strikingly noticeable but I’d honestly recommend it over the other “after-workout” creams I’ve tried, including traditional stuff like Tiger Balm. In general, it’s a very cool product.

The cream also includes Calendula, mint, black pepper, and wintergreen, among others. It’s a real cavalcade of herbs. It also includes “all the naturally-occurring flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids in the hemp plant,” which suggests it’s a bit stronger and more effective than other balms.

Again, I’m not a big unguents guy. But I like this stuff and I use it. At $46 for a 1-ounce container, I can see why you might be less inclined to pick it up but the bottom line is that it works. My knees and joins feel better and the stuff goes on smoothly and smells great. That, in end, might be all you need.

John Biggs

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